Lauraodom’s Responsible Sourcing Policy (‘the Policy’) sets out our requirements and some of the practical steps required to comply with Lauraodom’s Ethical Code of Conduct (‘Lauraodom’s Code’)  link (together to be known as ‘the Codes’).

The Policy is applicable to all stages of the supply chain. It sets out further standards and requirements that all of Lauraodom’s Suppliers must uphold, highlighting Lauraodom’s way of working, bringing focus to crucial industry specific requirements. In this Policy the term ‘Suppliers’ refers to all factories, suppliers, subcontractors, partners and agents.

The Supplier is responsible to ensure the Policy is fully implemented and adhered to. By supplying Lauraodom you are agreeing to uphold the Codes and adhere to the Policy. Failure to do so could result in all work with you being immediately suspended or completely banned. 

We are also proud to be a member of several high profile and important ethical and sustainability collectives. We strive to ensure that the suppliers we choose to work with are also members of these schemes, or are working towards membership.




During the process of on-boarding new factories, we need to ensure the factory’s ethical standards align with Lauraodom’s expectations. We require full visibility of all new Suppliers intended to be used for production and have a strict approval process in place which must be followed for all new factories.


Every prospective Supplier must submit a New Supplier Profile Form. In addition, the Supplier needs to provide a valid third-party audit to the Design Team.


Lauraodom will only approve a factory when satisfied with the audit and/or progress made on the Corrective Action Plan (‘CAP’).


Neither sampling nor bulk production can occur without written approval from Lauraodom’s Design Team.


Once Suppliers have been officially approved through the onboarding procedure, bulk orders can be made.




For both current and new Suppliers, any component or process subcontracted must be pre-agreed with Lauraodom in writing. Every subcontractor unit must be added to the factory profile. The Supplier is responsible for ensuring the subcontractor details are correct and that they understand and comply with the Codes.


For further information on the factory approval process, audits or subcontracting, please contact the Design Team at Lauraodom.




Lauraodom’s Design Team visit Suppliers as regularly as possible and visits are logged; this is to build and maintain important relationships and to check the standards of the factories where Lauraodom’s products are made. These visits will consist of:


All assessments and CAP reports (if needed) will be based on this Policy and the relevant Code, so it is important you familiarise yourself with these documents to ensure you are adhering to Lauraodom’s standards.




It is essential that we know where our products are made, not just the final product, but all components. We are beginning to map Lauraodom’s supply chain and will be doing this initially through the New Factory Profile Form.


It is the responsibility of the Supplier to keep this information up to date.



Lauraodom supports the empowerment of women through the provision of ‘Homeworking’ as part of the manufacturing process. Written permission from Lauraodom must be received before the Supplier can use Homeworkers to produce Lauraodom’s product. If permission is granted, it is the Supplier’s responsibility to ensure all Homeworking adheres to the Codes. 

The Supplier must be fully transparent and maintain records of all homeworking practices used for Lauraodom production and must facilitate visits and reviews when required by Lauraodom’s Team or appointed 3rd party. 



Lauraodom stipulates that employment should be regular and performed through a recognised working relationship established by national law and practise. The use of temporary, short term, agency, or casual working on a regular basis for the long-term or multiple short-terms to benefit the employer shall be avoided. Lauraodom understands there may be instances where use of non-standard employment is essential; in these instances, obligations to temporary employees shall not be avoided. All temporary, casual, agency and short-term workers must have clear contracts which must contain terms that entitle the employee to all advantages afforded to permanent employees. 


Many factors can influence or force workers to migrate in search of security, opportunity, and employment. These factors can mean that ‘Migrant Workers’ are vulnerable to exploitation. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that all Migrant Workers are employed responsibly, this means that Migrant Workers are employed legally, not indebted to agencies and that their rights and welfare are safeguarded. 


Lauraodom recognises our responsibility to promote responsible and fair employment practices throughout our supply chain. We work closely with our Suppliers to continuously improve conditions of all factories used to produce Lauraodom product. In addition to requiring compliance with the Codes, Lauraodom’s Suppliers must also ensure that they take all reasonable steps necessary to eliminate the risk of Modern Slavery.

Modern Slavery: Lauraodom is committed to avoiding any form of Modern Slavery in our supply chain, please refer to our Modern Slavery Policy. 

Child Labour: Due their age, children are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and Modern Slavery. Lauraodom is committed to eradicating any form of child labour and child slavery. Accordingly, child labour is not to be used under any circumstances and Suppliers must ensure that all employees meet the minimum age requirement set by local laws.

Remember: Lauraodom will work with Suppliers who bring to our attention issues in their factories or within their supply chains. Where possible, we want to help mitigate these issues and find resolutions. We cannot do this unless Suppliers raise these issues at an early stage. Potential risks or concerns relating to Modern Slavery or other human rights abuse within Lauraodom’s supply chain must be communicated as soon as possible.


Report any issues relating to this to your Lauraodom contact.



Membership of Ethically and Sustainably minded Schemes

UN Global Compact


The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. It provides an international strategy for corporate responsibility and a framework to guide businesses of all sizes in all parts of the world. Lauraodom is proud to be a member of the Compact and we are making it our mission to ensure that all Lauraodom suppliers are also members. We are delighted that currently all key jewellery suppliers are already members, as well as our packaging supplier.



UN Women’s Empowerment Principles


The UN has formulated seven Principles to help empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community. Lauraodom has signed up to its commitment to honouring the Principles in all aspects of our business. We strongly encourage all of our suppliers to do the same.



Environmental Certification


In furtherance of our mission to protect the environment and particularly the environment in which our suppliers source and manufacture, we ask all of our suppliers to be ISO 1401 2015 certified, or hold certification of a similar standard.